Welcome to Enduro Opatija

Enduro Opatija Racing Team (E.O.R.T.)

Welcome to Enduro Opatija

Enduro Opatija Racing Team (E.O.R.T.)


Enduro price list and destination


E.O.R.T. is able to offer you four different quad driving ranges.


Opatija is situated under the mountain Učka and offers excellent choices for both summer and winter holidays


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Beautiful enduro tours

Kvarner enduro tours

Kvarner is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world for Enduro rides. With its terrain (rocks, various soils, marl), it provides the full adventure of Enduro rides. Kvarner’s climate is warm and pleasant throughout the year, so you can enjoy Enduro rides whenever you want.

Enduro Opatija Racing Team prepares, maintains and cleans the tracks throughout the year so that they are in excellent condition for races.

Enduro Tour is an Enduro ride with a guide. Rides can be planned to last between 4 and 9 days. Each day we ride on different locations. Guides organize their routes according to their experience, as well as the group abilities.

Motocross and enduro

Enduro Opatija racing team

E.O.R.T. invites you to enjoy the many perfect opportunities for pleasant recreational driving and/or sport coaching (training)!

All terrains for driving are prepared (motocross and enduro).

Mediterranean climate and proximity to the sea allow for the driving ranges to be used throughout the year.

Enduro Opatija racing team is delighted to welcome you!